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Goyang Dangdut: In The Line of Pornography?
Reef - Australia

Sweet Zeve/Asmods and KoKiers.......

"Bulu ketemu bulu... kulit ketemu kulit...semakin rapat semakin enak...tearasa"  the sexy singer started moaning : "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.....uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh...aaaaaahhh...."

Her hips moving, thrusting back and forth wilder and wilder. The audiences became more hysterical. Some children were so engrossing to watch every movement of the sexy dancer...did not quite know what was all about.

I knew what to expect before I clicked my keyboard  on my computer to watch some of hot and erotic goyang dangduts. Judging by the titles of the songs, almost everybody will know what to expect. Therefor I wasn't quite surprised anymore when in the next one hour or so my eyes started gluing to the screen. Dumbstruck....and yet felt a bit reluctant to stop straight away. The more I watched, the more made me more curious. My skin crawled.

Yes, for the sake of this article, I made myself available to watch a series of goyang dangduts from various events and singers from West Java, East Java and Central Java. The national reputation ones and the local ones. And eventually, satisfying enough to provide evidences I came to the conclusion  and dare to say yes, it is not an understatement to say that goyang dangdut is indeed closed to the line of pornography. I am neither a dangdut lover nor dangdut hater. But sad to say, what I witness with my very own eyes, I hate to say that I agree with the statement.
The combination of suggestive lyrics, dances and the skimpy and filmsy costumes creates a certain formula enough to prove what kind of message they want to deliver to the audiences. Various titles from : Goyang dangdut basah..basah, Bokong semok, Bulu ketemu bulu, Kuda lumping, Jagung bakar and the infamous dangdut akhir zaman, to name some examples. Ironically the erotic dances full of swaying hips and thrusting back and forth imitating sexual intercourse movements plus the smoky moaning and abundant cleavages on display were so free access for the children.

I can't understand why all those young beautiful sexy singers felt so inhibited moaning and hip swaying when they knew for sure that many underage children watched in awe and so mesmerised what they saw are beyond their imagination for their innocent tender eyes. Whilst most of adults seemed to enjoy and  even some of the blokes sheepishly jumped on the stage and sang along with the singer and started move their bodies against the singer's body and there were no attempt to hide their merriment to throw some thousand rupiah between the singer cleavages. In the background the sound of music became more and more alluring and inviting.....
Dear KoKiers,
Goyang dangdut has been a dilemma for such a long time, many will agree that it's part of art traditional Indonesian music. Therefor they claim such goyang is harmless. Only those who don't have sense of art will say that goyang dangdut is harmful, on the other hand many disagree with this statement and they claim that dangdut is full of erotic goyang both provokes and promotes pornography.  Therefor the authority has to ban this erotic goyang. It is still fresh in our mind when five or so years ago, Inul Darista promoted daring breakthrough with her drilling dance (goyang ngebor) which caused such outcry from various any level of responds. From the grass root level to the elite echelon. Even I remember this outrageous reached Australian Media such as Sunday Mail with the titillating title : Indonesian Scandalous drilling dance  From then on, Inul becomes so famous and super rich as well. And according to the rumour she bought a very expensive house in one of elite residency area in Jakarta.

She could afford to buy a luxury house as a result of her popularity and infamous drilling dance. When most Indonesian media focused on this phenomenon, I was so eager to see myself what kind of so the name : drilling dance. I was living in Oz land when all the fuss started to get more and more attention. So basically I had no clue at all about this infamous drilling dance. Now after quite some years when I am able to access Internet and you tube, I think I feel a 'privilege'  (tongue in cheek) to see what drilling dance is about. And to be honest, I am quite awestruck by the daring action. Trapped between ashamed and wanted, I kept on watching these dances again and again until I reached such  contentment to finally decide to write this article.
After Inul era, many newer dangdut singers appear like mushroom in the rainy season and became more daring and invented certain goyang to gain popularity like Inul. Some names apparently are successful even more then the predecessor, such as Dewi Persik, Julia Perez, and many other in the lower level such as Marry Geboy. If Inul is infamous with her drilling dance, Dewi Persik is more famous with the sawing dance and some scandalous actions.  The 'kemben melorot' and 'breat gropping' were to name a few of her notorious.
When the debut of Dewi Persik and Julia Perez started to gain a lot of attentions from society and they are more and more popular, not because of their spectacular voice but simply their goyangs which very suggestive and very closed to sluttish dances  complete with their skimpy costumes with very little left to imagination and abundant flesh displays, however make many people felt so uneasy and they accused these singers religiously promotes pornography. They urged the authority to do a real action to ban those singers in their regency. Many pro and cons. Apparently the local governments tend to agree with the people who claimed that goyang dangdut is indeed provokes pornography and eventually see that drilling dance or the sawing dance are harmful for the society especially Indonesia who claim themselves as a very religious. Some echelon and religious zealot voiced their mind and demanded the government to stop those goyang.

In many city, where Inul, DP  and some other more were scheduled to sing and dance, in the last minutes the local authority put off their performances.  These singers were  denied access to  perform in their areas. The singers themselves seemed not to be bothered with all the banning and they still sway their hips in other cities, who still allow them to entertain the dangdut lovers. And the funny thing were : they trumpeted their voice too and cried loudly that whoever denied their access are simply ignorant and no sense of art.....!!! What a joke........!
In fact, even  after the government launched the new regulation about Pornography to limit all access to pornography to save the morality of Indonesian young generation, the entertainers seemed not to budge. Goyang dangdut still exist and in some sense more wilder. Let's take a look in you tube, you will shock to find abundant erotic goyang asoy which frankly to say : makes me ashamed. From Grade A dangdut singer such as Inul, Dewi Persik, Sarah Azhari to grade B local singers who in this case have more erotic goyang. If all the grade A singer perform on proper stage and entertain in 'elite' audiences, grade B dangdut singer are satisfied enough if they can perform on the very simple stage in various occasions such as wedding reception, circumcision celebration etc... in tiny villages in many areas in Java with sadly to say...don't care about who will be the audiences, whether young children will be involved or not, they simply don't care. Their part in shaping the morality of these young children simply is not their business. Money is the talker in this case.
Despite all the facts that many will mind with this erotic goyang, dangdut can't disappear in Indonesian society. It's part of Indonesian music and has been very long time rooted in our cultural development. No matter how hard the regulation to at least limit the provocative goyang, dangdut will go on and on. To many people goyang dangdut is very entertaining and somehow as a reflection of free expression of the so called marginal society. As if don't want to miss a beat, erotic goyang dangdut undeniable also becomes a lethal weapon to attract many voters in the political campaigns. those hips swaying, those  drilling dance and those sawing dances , and the skimpy and flimsy costumes will be a 'candu' in our society. And a 'candu' is an addict. We simply can't ignore the fact.Like or dislike.




"Basah....oh basaaaaaaaaaaaah..tubuhku...duh....aduh...aduh....."
Reef Australia





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dangdut dance will enrich our dances. Keep dangdut alive. For sure NO Goyang NO dangdut anyway. he,he,he. Pornography ?. Even when a woman is using a completed dress, it is not a handicap for someone to imagine her naked body. This is pornography. Dangdut ?. If I can see an erotic dangdut dancer in action, I will assume it is nice view. isn,t it ?.
Posted by: pras | Jumat, 4 September 2009 | 15:42 WIB
pic na mangtabs,,,,, cuma bisa coment pic aja, lum baca isinya,,
Posted by: Ikha | Kamis, 13 Agustus 2009 | 20:39 WIB
*Wanham : thanks a lot for the appreciation, and yr time to read and write a comment. About Inul : I love the reason number three heheheheee...salam reef
Posted by: jinjer fm Oz | Kamis, 13 Agustus 2009 | 01:59 WIB
I think Inul's drilling dance is not as hot as it was before. The reasons are : 1. She is getting old 2. afraid of being banned 3. no oil wells to be drilled (ha..ha.ha..). Talking about lower level dangdut singers such as Marry Geboy or other Geboys Wow, it is terrible. She is very b***hy (hihihi). like you said : full of swaying hips and thrusting back and forth imitating sexual intercourse movements plus the smoky moaning and abundant cleavages on display were so free access for the children. I couldn't imagine how could she do that in front of so many children?. weleh weleh...!
Posted by: Wahnam | Rabu, 12 Agustus 2009 | 18:16 WIB
*AB, Datuk, Sun : ayooooooooo balapan...tariiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkkkk...salam manis reef
Posted by: jinjer fm Oz | Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009 | 12:37 WIB
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